Grants Pass First Student School Bus Drivers & Monitors Opposed To The Teamsters Union

Grants Pass First Student Drivers Against Representation (or lack there of) by the Teamsters Union


Deception & Misinformation
Propagated By The Teamsters & Their Local #962!


Where Do We Start?

   From the first organization meeting with the the Teamsters & Teamsters Local #962, the Teamsters have twisted the facts to suit themselves, made statements which they fail to backup, and on occasion outright lied to us! You can view notes on that initial organization meeting by "Clicking Here".

   During the first part of union negotiations with the company, if you had asked any of our "so call representatives" what was being discussed in either the negioations, or the pre-negioation meetings with the union, you would have been told; "that information is private and we aren't allowed to talk about it". I find it interesting, that while the union says they wish to represent us, that they were unwilling to discuss their specific agenda with us.

   However, in direct defiance of their own "self imposed silence", the Teamsters or one of their representatives who works for First Student (our co-worker) chose to both make, and distribute to First Student Drivers, Monitors, & Aids, multiple copies of a document obtained during those same negioations.

   Prior to copy and distribution, this same person had written on top of it: "From First Student to Drivers on 10-4-10". Not only did the "Spineless Fool" lack the decency to accept responsibility for its distribution, they also tried to give the illusion that it came from First Student Directly, and was meant for general distribution to "All Drivers, Monitors, & Aids, rather that those specifically involved in the labor contract negioations.

   While Rowdy Bates, First Student Grants Pass, Oregon Branch Manager, was asked during a subsequent safety meeting if First Student had in fact made the proposal and answered factually to the positive; First Student Corporate Policies forbade him to expound on the subject.

   Bottom line is, just like buying a house or car the seller (in this case the union) starts with sometimes unreasonable expectations, to which the buyer (in this case First Student) makes a counter offer. If the sellers expectations were unreasonably high, then the buyers offer will be unreasonably low, as in the case of this document. At some point during the process both parties will hopefully meet somewhere in the middle and a deal can be struck that benefits both.

   The union or the "company employee union representative" should have let the negotiations take their normal course, but rather chose to stir up hate and discontent within the branch, while at the same time choosing to hide behind the veil of anonymity and secrecy in an attempt to stir up trouble and force their personal views on "what's good for every First Student Employee" on the rest of us!

Where Do The Teamster Lies Stop?

   Sorry to say. That is an answer we can't give you! Prior to the second election to determine if we wanted the Teamsters & Teamsters Local #962 to keep representing us on 5 - 6 January 2010, employees of First Student - Grants Pass, Oregon Branch were bombarded by several letters mailed directly to their houses or P.O. Boxes.

   One of these letters containing two (2) pages, professionally written (and signed) by Ernie Crawford (C-11), dated December 23, 2010 expressing his views on why we should vote "Against the union" was in fact legitimate! I provided Ernie with your addresses so he could send them out. This was the only "Official Mailing" by Ernie or myself (Alan Miller).

   A legitimate question from all employees would be; "Where did you get my address. I didn't give it to you, nor did I give First Student permission to give it to you?" While your addresses are normally kept private by First Student, the Federal Government can force First Student to provide them in certain circumstances. This was the case here. In order for all involved parties the right to get their information out prior to an "Representative Election", the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) required the company to provide names and addresses of employees working at the time the Decertification Petition was filed.

   As I, (Alan Miller) was the "Chief Petitioner" in the "Decertification Election Process" both myself and the Teamsters Union Local #962 were provided an "Excelsior List" as a way for us to contact all eligible employees within the company so we can legitimately express our reasons for our views on union representation.

   Unfortunately either someone within the Teamsters Union itself, or one of their supporters purporting to be working on their behalf, decided it would be advantageous to their position to create and mail numerous "Fraudulent Letters" using this "Excelsior List" which could have only been obtained from Teamsters Local #962.

   Contained within these "Fraudulent Letters"   (which were written to make one believe they were written and sent from myself, Alan Miller, and Ernie Crawford) were statements that you would have to be an idiot to believe. In a nutshell, they stated that if the union were voted out, we would sell off everything we own and sign over all our wages to compensate every other employee in the event wages and benefits were lost due to our success at the polls.

   The second paragraph of these "Fraudulent Letters", made statements that we and the company would in effect give the employees everything they wanted if the union were voted out, including paid holidays, paid vacation, 40 hour work week, over time paid anytime after 8 hours on the clock each day, retirement, fully paid health care, etc.

   Of course it is against the law for an employer (i.e. First Student) to "Promise benefits to employees to discourage their union support", amongst other things which you can read about yourself on the "National Labor Relations Board Web" (NLRB) web site by "Clicking Here". I know this and Ernie knows this; apparently the "Idiot" perhaps "Idiots" who wrote, copied, stuffed, stamped, and mailed these letters, lying about who they actually came from doesn't know this, or perhaps they just didn't care!!


To this I say: Shame on you Local #962!

Shame on you Teamsters International

  • You feel you can't win an election the "Honest Way" using facts supported by documentation?

  • You feel the need to have your negotiators work outside the agreed upon standards of fair contract negotiations

  • You encourage your "Employee Representatives" to distribute printed material that would be ethically wrong for you to distribute yourselves?

  • You provide an "Excelsior List" for use by your representatives without due regard or review of what they are sending out?

   While these examples may not be criminal, they do show poor judgement, and lack of professionalism on part of the Teamsters International & Teamsters Local #962. As the worlds largest labor organization founded in 1903, the Teamsters have had 108 years to figue it out, these are mistakes they shouldn't be making!


   This is by no means a complete list of the garbage that the Teamsters International, and Teamsters Local #962 have pulled in trying to get & maintain their presence at First Student - Grants Pass, Oregon Branch. We do hope it's enough to give you pause to think about wether you really want anything to do with the Teamsters and the magic bag of goodies they are trying to sell you!


Just Go Away!
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