Grants Pass First Student School Bus Drivers & Monitors Opposed To The Teamsters Union

Grants Pass First Student Drivers Against Representation (or lack there of) by the Teamsters Union

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Grants Pass First Student Union Decertification Election
5 & 6 January 2011 - Teamsters Lose

    Alan Says: "Good luck in your quest to win the 2011 'Most Decertified Union Award' !!!    I applaud your determination in going for 1st. place six (6) years in a row!"

     We are a group of drivers who were opposed to the unionization of the Grants Pass Branch of First Student Inc. See The Lousy Contract Medford, Oregon Drivers Got With The TeamstersWhile we concede the fact the Union was voted in on 18 November 2009, it was in fact voted in by a narrow margin which would have been much smaller had not some of our branches most senior drivers had their votes challenged (and not counted) by the Teamsters. We also believe that a concerted effort was made by either the Teamster Organizers themselves, or a few overzealous union wannabes to block the information flow to drivers and monitors by those of us who opposed the Union, while at the very same time strongly asserting their rights to distribute their propaganda in a like manner.

     Yes friends and coworkers, the union has made it past their first hurdle in an attempt to represent us, but that doesn't mean that we can't elevate the second hurdle to stop them in their tracks. There are avenues available to us to reverse this poor decision to unionize by a few misinformed coworkers. However, this will not happen overnight, and there are obstacles we will have to overcome.

     In the next few weeks we will be putting together information on this web site that you will need to educate both yourself and those who believe they will benefit from union representation. Misinformation was presented by the union that helped them win the local election, that information will be presented along with comments and concerns from drivers who were represented by the Teamsters in the past, how to stay informed to protect your rights, ways to show your support for our stand, and who to talk to if you need or want more information.

     We will also provide specific instructions on what we all need to do in order to prevent the Union from putting us out of work for a strike, the actual costs of belonging to the Union, and what is required to successfully "Decertify" the Union (i.e. get them outta' here).

     While we don't wish to be associated with the Teamsters Union, we encourage you to keep a friendly working relationship with your fellow employees no matter what their views on Union Membership are! We all have a right to our beliefs, and we have a right to work in a harassment free workplace. Please Do NOT push these (yours or our) views on fellow employees if they are non receptive, it doesn't do you or us any good if you get into trouble for harassment in the workplace.

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Use by other First Student Branches wishing to block representation by the Teamsters Union is encouraged and will be granted upon written request.